May Fair


An Announcement about May Fair 2021


April 9, 2021

Dear good people of St. Mark’s,

With the beautiful sunshine outside, the encouraging signs of Spring are fully upon us. We have turned the corner on Easter, breathing in the new life of this season, hoping to get back to normal lives. In ordinary times, our energy at St. Mark’s would be turning to May Fair. As we all know, life is still anything but ordinary. Despite our town’s outstanding progress with vaccinations and the state of Connecticut permitting outdoor fairs (at 50% capacity), our Vestry and May Fair leaders have carefully discerned that it is still too early to attempt such an event. May Fair is like a giant jigsaw puzzle that the parish family puts together. With this great confluence of loving community, energy, and will, along with a few moments of hair-pulling, that puzzle somehow comes together in the end, in all its glory. This year and the pandemic have not afforded us with all of the pieces needed to complete the puzzle for a 2021 May Fair. Thankfully, our Outreach Commission had the foresight last year to allocate just half of the grant funds in case this year’s event did not replenish them. Their important work will go on and we will endeavor to find other ways to supplement it if needed.  

We prayerfully ask that you continue to reflect on all the wonderful experiences of past May Fairs and ponder what the future might hold. There will come a day to reignite this event and even rethink how to make future May Fairs better than ever. Our church is overflowing with talented, creative, and energetic parishioners. We ask and truly encourage you to bring ideas forward to us as we maintain and build upon the core of future May Fair leaders and volunteers. When May Fair returns, it will be joyful and vibrant because of you. Until then, we remain 

Faithfully yours,


Stanley A. Twardy, Jr.  

Senior Warden 


Mark D. Thorsheim

Junior Warden